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Adding our ice pops to your current line up of products can be an excellent additional source of revenue. We service everything from country clubs to amusement parks throughout Texas. Please fill out the form to the right and someone from our sales team will respond shortly.

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Do you use a distributor? What are the delivery cost?

Due to the highly perishable nature of our products and the lack of care most distributors have exhibited we have chosen to self distribute our own products. Our delivery cost are rolled into one flat pricing structure, so there will not be any hidden fees or charges as long as you are within our services areas.

Is there a minimum order quantity or any commitments?

We do have minimum initial orders and minimum restock orders, these are dependent upon proximity from our production/storage facilities. Monthly/Annual commitments may be required for merchandising equipment.

How many flavors can I order?

You are free to chose! However depending on which merchandising equipment you are using we may make a recommendation to limit the number of options in order to display the product properly.

Do you provide equipment?

We absolutely can! Just as we mentioned above this may entail MOQ commitments. We currently can provide glass top merchandising freezers as well as full mobile cart activations (these of course would be reserved for high volume locations).

What areas do you service?

We currently serve most of the major Texas markets, and everything in between!